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Dabas és Térsége Kézműves Egyesület


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Településeink - Dabas
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Dabas is a town of 16000 residents, 45kms South from Budapest. It is first mentioned in 1447AD in documents. The township, which became deserted during the Ottoman occupation, was repopulated in the 18th century initiated by the Zlinszky and Halász landed gentry families. In its present status the town is the result of the gradual expansion and eventual unification of four separate villages, Sári, Upper Dabas, Lower Dabas, and Gyón. While Sári was the oldest settlement, Lower Dabas became the most important township and functioned as the cultural center of the progressive gentry in the mid-19th-century Reform Era and later became the regional administrative center.


In the 19th century, there were a number of mansions built in the town, and about 70 of these mansions are still functional and serve not only as unique tourist sites but also as the setting of local residential and civic life. Most impressive among these mansions is the Móricz Halász mansion, the image of which is depicted in Dabas’ coat of arms.


The town’s natural surroundings consist largely of wetlands and Juniper barrens. There are a number of rare orchid species such as the coat-of-arms-icon Horned Orchid that are protected within a 150 hectares large nature preserve.


Dabas was elevated to the rank of town in 1989. The town operates three kindergartens, three elementary schools, one high school, one trade school, one cultural center, three cultural sites. The Dr. Halász Géza Clinic is also town-operated and designed to serve 60000 residents. The town’s fire company’s service range spreads over 13 neighboring townships.


In the past few decades, our town went through significant development. Numerous large constructions brought us new administrative buildings, kindergartens, emergency response station and ER unit, Atrium Retirement Home, Kossuth Zsuzsanna Vocational Highschool, Dabas-Diego Sports Complex, Industrial Park, Public Records Office, Berkenye apartment complex, and a bicycle lane that connects all the important commercial and administrative areas of town. The town’s regionally functioning offices are the District Court, District Solicitor’s Office, Police, Land Registry, Employment Center, Highschool, and Zárdakert Nursing Home.




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