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Településeink - Örkény
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Örkény is a town of 4978 residents in the southern part of Pest County. It functions as the link between Pest and Bács-Kiskun Counties. It is located along key transportation routes: 3 kms north from town, we can find highway M5, on the south end it is intercepted by highway E5, and a lesser highway connecting Albertirsa and Kunszentmiklós. Being situated at such cross roads, Örkény has always been an important commercial hub.


Even before, Örkény was always central to the area. By combining two of Örkény’s outlying settlements (Örkény-Telep and Örkény-Tabor), Taborfalva was created, to which a nearby army field artillery training ground and related facilities were appended too. Another appendix of Örkény, Örkény-Várad became part of Hernád. Örkény was granted the rank of a township in 1970, and in 1971, it was designated as a secondary regional center because of its size. In 2004, Örkény was elevated to the rank of town.


Örkény’s economy is stabile. In the 1970-80s, it was the center of Béke Agricultural Cooperative, which also cultivated the land of the nearby villages such as Táborfalva and Tatárszentgyörgy. The most significant segment of the Coop’s economy became its fruit and cattle production. As a result of the political transformation and related privatization of the 1990s, there are mostly mid-range businesses in Örkény, which provide jobs for Örkény and its neighboring villages. Örkény has a full-service public utility and communication system. The town’s infrastructure was completed in the 1990s, by paving 97% of the streets in town, which can be considered its most important infrastructural construction.


Örkény has both primary and secondary educational institutions. The Pálóczi Horváth István Vocational School was established in 1926 and it trains students in the fields of agriculture and hospitality. Czifra György Music School was established in 1994 with a satellite department in Hernád. To facilitate the school, the town reconstructed the old movie theater in 1995. Finally, the school was expanded into an Art and Music School which, now, has satellites in four neighboring townships and supports 3 independent orchestras made up of the school’s teachers, students, and alumni.

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