Településeink - Csévharaszt

The town was first mentioned in historical documents as “Pótharaszt” around 1280AD and was given its present name in 1951. The town is accessible from highways M4 and 405 as well as by train. As a result of the town’s geographical location, its employment structure, education, and cultural life are greatly influenced by the nearness of Budapest. The population of the town has reached 2717, of which 1950 are permanent residents. The number of households is 668. 60% of the town’s work force is employed in the Capital and only 38% work locally or in the neighboring towns. Unemployment is about 2%. Csévharaszt’s municipal territory is 50km². Its 143 hectares residential area is surrounded by woods and 105 hectares of juniper barrens within which groups of oaks and poplars, grassy fields and thickets provide a pleasant environment, and it is a nature preserve since 1939. Hikers often seek out the Pusztatemplom (bare temple) whose 12th-century foundations were uncovered during a 1990s anthropological digging project.