Településeink - Tatárszentgyörgy

The first owner of Tatárszentgyörgy received the rights to the settlement in 1507AD from King Ulászló. This land grant was the first document in which the township’s name is mentioned. Before that, it was mentioned under the names of Esső or Zádog. The township is bordered on the north by Dabas and by Örkény on the northeast. Even though it is a township in Pest County, its territory reaches deep into Bács-Kiskun county.


Its most important natural beauty is the surrounding hills of Juniper barrens. Besides the clusters of junipers, there are poplar woods on the colder northeast side of the township. The area’s particular environment is home to a special avian and insect life. The local meadows are typically covered with Red Fescue, Oxeye Daisy, Bell Flower, Ragged Robin and the area has a rich variety of fungi.


One of the most important touristic sites is the nearby Sarlóspuszta. The Sarlóspuszta Conference and Leisure Resort is nestled next to Kiskunság National Park on 1600 hectares 65 kms from Budapest. At Sarlóspuszta, visitors can savor the unparalleled ambiance of the Kiskunság puszta at its country style inn and horse stables. The hotel and conference center’s stylized hotel rooms (including handicapped accessible rooms) and suits offer comfortable accommodations for recreational family vacations as well as for company gatherings or conferences. The hotel’s 20-hectare large developed grounds offers opportunity for a variety of recreational activities in and around its swimming pool, open air hot tub, game and sports facilities, and its stables. The center’s indoor riding arena provides a convenient four-season facility for the lovers of horseback riding. Among their newest programs, Sarlóspuszta’s visitors can partake in a team-building adventure trail or a birding eco-tour organized by the scientists of Kiskunsag National Park.